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Add-on XenTrader Unsupported

A simple yet powerful user feedback system.

    XenTrader 2.1.1 User Feedback System

    What is XenTrader?
    XenTrader is a user feedback system so that members can review each other on any deals or trades done on your website. It integrates into the users profile allowing your users to build up credability when doing deals through your site and makes use of many of the great features of XenForo to seamlessly integrate into your board.

    Currently Implemented Features
    [​IMG] Import feedback from vBulletin 3
    [​IMG] Import feedback from vBulletin 4
    [​IMG] Import feedback from XenTrader 1.x.x
    [​IMG] Import feedback from XenCentral Trading System
    [​IMG] Give and receive feedback
    [​IMG] Time limit on editing feedback
    [​IMG] Leave feedback directly from users profile card
    [​IMG] Minimum review length requirement option
    [​IMG] Usergroup restrictions
    [​IMG] Automatic Profile Integration
    [​IMG] Automatic Template Integration
    [​IMG] Postbit Forum Display (show users feedbacks in selected nodes)
    [​IMG] Moderation item when a negative rating is left
    [​IMG] New Trader Level (users require x feedback before being trusted)
    [​IMG] Thread required to leave feedback
    [​IMG] Strict thread checking
    [​IMG] User notifications on recieving feedback
    [​IMG] Enhanced admin panel
    [​IMG] Hall of Shame for bad traders
    [​IMG] Top Traders list for good traders
    [​IMG] Automatic notification when a new version is available
    [​IMG] Full Friendly URL's
    [​IMG] Tropheys for positive feedback.
    [​IMG] Access to restricted forums based on feedback levels.
    [​IMG] Ratings shown in memberlist.
    [​IMG] Duplicate user feedback time limit (same user cannot rate a person twice within x hours).
    [​IMG] Reported ratings show up in moderation panel.
    [​IMG] Membercard integration

    - - - - -

    *Note* XenTrader 2.x.x is not a direct upgrade from XenTrader 1.x.x it is a completely new and re-writen addon. If you are using XenTrader 1.x.x you will need to install this addon and import the feedback using the inbuilt importer before uninstalling XenTrader 1.x.x.

    Before installing this addon please create appropriate backups of your databases.

    XenTrader no longer requires the installation of 2 addons to work. With the release of XenTrader 2.x.x we have integrated the entirety of the addon into one package as it should be. The dependence on a second addon to function was a flawed design so we removed it. Once you have upgraded to XenTrader 2.0 you may uninstall the previous admin framework.

    To install the XenTrader addon: Extract and upload the contents of the "Upload" folder from the XenTrader.zip file to your xenForo directory. Once done, import the addon-XenTrader.xml file through the addon installation menu within the xenForo admin CP.

    Before performing an upgrade please create appropriate backups of your database.

    To update XenTrader download the latest XenTrade.zip file. Extract and upload the contents of the "Upload" file allowing overwrite where required. Once done, upgrade the addon by importing the new addon-XenTrade.xml file via the upgrade option within the addons menu in your xenForo admin CP.

    Importing Data from vBulletin
    Before performing a data import please create appropriate backups of both the source database and your current xenForo database.

    Due to the importer design, in order to successfully import your feedback from vBulletin you will need the import log that was generated when you imported your data from vBulletin. If you did not save the import log, you may create one with the relevent user information by re-importing your vBulletin groups and users, selecting the options to merge users if the emails or usernames are the same. When you have finished importing the users, select complete import and tick the box to save the import log. Name this something appropriate such as "vbulletin_import_log" as you will need it in the next step.

    After installing XenTrader, within the XenTrader admin options window select Import External Data and enter the details of your vBulletin database and the name of your import log, then click import. If everything is correct it will allow you to import all of your ratings from vBulletin. If you have any problems with the importer please post here for support.

    Importing Data from XenTrader 1.x.x
    Before using this importer please create appropriate backups of your database.

    After installing XenTrader, within the XenTrader admin options window select Import External Data and select the XenTrader 1.1.0 option (this will also work if you are running an older version of XenTrader 1.x.x), the rest will happen automatically.

    Importing Data from XenCentral Trading System
    Before using this importer please create appropriate backups of your database.

    After installing XenTrader, within the XenTrader admin options window select Import External Data and select the XenCentral 1.x option, the rest will happen automatically.

    - - - -

    To use this addon the copyright must be left in place. If you wish to remove the copyright you are required donate. A donation of $50 will allow you to edit or remove the copyright for one site which you run the addon on.

    - - - -

    Please click the button below to donate for the upkeep and development of not only this addon but other new popular addons. All donations will be re-invested into creating new addons which will be released community.

    - - - -

    Robbo for helping re-code the addon
    Kier + Mike for creating XenForo
    Ashley for being the business guy
    Brogan for being an awesome moderator

    - - - -

    Release History
    22/06/11 - Initial Release
    22/06/11 - Minor package fix
    22/06/11 - Minor Bugfix
    29/06/11 - Resolved uninstall errors, hopefully fixed import errors.
    28/12/11 - Updated to Xf 1.1.1. New features. Some bug fixes.
    13/02/12 - Updated to Xf 1.1.2. Bug fixes.

    - - - -

    Feel free create a localisation of XenTrader, however if you do so, please provide me a copy of the file so I may update it here.


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