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Premium XenForo Resource Manager 1.2.4

The XenForo Resource Manager is an add-on that allows you to manage files

    • Premium
    XenForo Resource Manager 1.2.4 is a maintenance release for our resource manager add-on. We recommend all customers running XenForo Resource Manager 1.2 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability and compatibility with the latest XenForo release.

    This release fixes several issues:
    • Changes to support the new HTML5 uploader in XenForo 1.5.12.
    • Fix ignored users still receiving alerts when mentioned in a resource update or if a resource was posted/updated by an ignored user while watched.
    • Fix a specific situation where an option to delete an author's review response would appear incorrectly (display issue only; the response could not be removed).
    • Add a placeholder username if a review was left by a since deleted account.
    • Do not apply force enabled download permissions for your own resource when the resource was posted by a since deleted account.
    • When selecting a category to add a resource to, do not let the chooser be submitted until the user selects a valid category.
    • Fix unexpected model instantiation in the category watch data writer.
    For the full list of bug fixes, see the Resolved Resource Manager Bugs forum.

    The following templates have had changes:
    • file_uploader
    • resource_choose_category
    • resource_review
    Where necessary, the merge system within the "Outdated Templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

    XenForo Resource Manager 1.2 requires XenForo 1.5.0 or later.

    Customers with the appropriate license may download XenForo Resource Manager via their customer area.

    The XenForo Resource Manager can be purchased with a new license via the purchase page or with an existing license via the customer area.

    Installation, Upgrading and Configuration

    Please see our XenForo Resource Manager manual page for more information.
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