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Opencart XDS Coloring Theme. Adaptive template 1.3.7

XDS Coloring Theme

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    I present to you my new adaptive pattern Coloring, which translated into Russian meanscoloring.
    The name was not chosen by chance. The template for the maximum use basic styles framework bootstrap.
    Because of this it simply "decorate" to your taste (provided that you have the skills to manage cascading style sheets).
    Also in the future I plan to release several thematic skins to this template, and a few other colors schemes.

    The author of the template (ie me) is very ambitious plans for this pattern. I plan to gradually turn it into a private mini framework for creating other templates. So gradually the template will be added to a lot of cool buns and the code will be licked to a shine. Of course, each upgrade will increase the price of the template, so the sooner you buy it, the cheaper it will cost you [​IMG]

    Demo template

    - Home: http://demo.xds.by/c...opencart_2.0.x/
    - Product Page: http://demo.xds.by/c...0&product_id=42
    - category page: http : //demo.xds.by/c...ategory&path=20
    - Admin http://demo.xds.by/c..._coloring_theme, access: demo / demo
    - Test access to the buyer: demo @ xds. by / demo

    Marketing shmarketig

    I could write (and perhaps, in time, and write) that this pattern is the marketing of the most adaptive and adaptive to sell them. And that my decision in the strongest possible. And that, in general, after you apply this template, sales will increase so much that you can not cope with the flow of customers, and possibly'll have to sell your business to Google or Microsoft for a couple of billion evergreen. But, perhaps, I will not puff your head. I think that all adults are themselves able to assess the quality of the product and the extent of its applicability to your project.

    Features (additional functionality)

    - Custom menu in the header
    - Select category search in the header
    - arbitrary units (see. Home page for slideshow)
    - slideshow owl carosel replaced by nivoslider (full plug-in for slideshow)
    - basic food units are displayed in a carousel
    - icons of payment systems in the basement of the site
    - the iterative map of Yandex in the basement of the site (a unique design solution. Honestly, he [​IMG]invented)
    - a brief description and a brief description of the item card
    - a standard module filter button added to "clean up"

    and so forth. This list will be updated regularly.Will add new features, modules and extensions.


    Starting with version 1.3.5 template is compatible with OpenCart
    Note that the template version 1.3.5 is not compatible with older versions of OpenCart

    To date, the template is compatible with the OpenCart -
    XDS Coloring Theme can be safely installed on already operating stores.
    It does not change system files, the CMS and can not therefore affect the operation of the store.

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