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Opencart VQMod Manager 2.0.1

VQMod Manager

    • Premium
    VQMod Manager (VQMM) allows users to centrally manage VQMod scripts for use in OpenCart. Features include:
    • Display of VQMod file information such as file name, description, author, version, required VQMod version, and status
    • Upload new VQMod scripts or delete old ones
    • Checks that VQMod scripts have valid XML
    • Install and uninstall existing VQMod scripts
    • Backup VQMod scripts
    • See which files exist in VQMod Cache and clear them
    • View and clear the VQMod error log
    • Download vqcache and error log files for troubleshooting
    • Check that VQMod is installed correctly
    • Fully portable extension module - makes no changes to system files

    VQMod Manager has reached over 45,000 downloads! Thanks everyone for helping achieve this amazing milestone!

    VQMod Manager requires:
    (VQMM 1.0.1 for OpenCart 1.4.9.x has been discontinued but will continue to work with VQMod 2.1.7 and earlier.)

    Follow future development at https://github.com/opencarthelp/vqmod_manager

    VQMod Manager is an independent project from VQMod. Its goal is to create a powerful add-on GUI for managing VQMod scripts in OpenCart admin. Please do NOT contact qphoria or JAY6390 for support issues related to VQMod Manager. All issues should be posted here in the comments. Please be sure to read the included README.pdf help file first as many issues have already been covered there.

    VQMod Manager is provided as-is. I attempt to provide assistance as much as my schedule permits but some complex issues may require paid support. You can PM me in the OpenCart forum under the username rph for a quote.

    VQMod Manager is not responsible for any issue installing VQMod or VQMod scripts.

    Editing/Creating VQMod Scripts
    VQMM is meant for managing VQMod scripts only. For those looking to edit/create VQMod scripts please see vQmod Generator, Editor and Log Viewer by uksitebuilder.

    Did You Find This Mod Useful?
    Please take a moment to rate and review VQMod Manager if you found it useful.

    Don't forget to check out my other free and commercial mods.

    Compatibility : v2.0.1
    1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

    Compatibility : v1.0.1


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