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Opencart Visitor Statistics 1.2

Visitor Statistics

    • Premium

    Visitor Statistics is an OpenCart extension which tracks, lists and reports unique visitors and page views per country and date. It creates a menu item at the OpenCart's administration panel and lets you see your visitor statistics. It tracks the visitors at your website's front end and displays the data at your website's back end (administration panel). It has a report module where you can view and search visitor's data by date.

    Features :
    - All Time unique visitors and page views.
    - Today's unique visitors and page views.
    - Yesterday's unique visitors and page views.
    - Last Week's unique visitors and page views.
    - Last 30 Days unique visitors and page views.
    - Last Year's unique visitors and page views.
    - Displays total unique visitors by country name, country code and flag.
    - Displays unique visitors percentage in chart pie by country.
    - Displays a map with the countries visited your website.
    - Report module, option to search and view by Custom Date Unique Visitors or Total Visits.
    - Report module, option to search and view All Time/Today/Yesterday/Last Week/Last 30 Days/Last Year
    Unique Visitors or Total Visits.
    - Report module, order search results by Country/IP Address/Date Visited.
    - Report module uses AJAX technology for fast search.
    - Report module uses fast pagination technology.
    - Checks if a visitor is a bot.
    - Uses the Maxmind's GeoIP Database.
    - VQMOD coded, does not change source code files.

    Easy to Install :
    1. Make sure that you have installed VQMOD. If you don't have VQMOD installed on your OPENCART
    website, go to the following address and follow the instructions :
    2. Backup your OpenCart installation for safety.
    3. Use an FTP application (like FileZilla) to connect to the server where your website is located
    and upload the contents from the "upload" folder to the root of your website. No core files are overwritten.
    4. You need to enable the extension to avoid permission denied errors. Log in to your OpenCart
    administration panel and go to : System->Users->User Groups and click [Edit] at the "Top Administrator" User Group Name. Select and Enable the "visitors/visitors" from the Access Permission check box list and the "visitors/visitors" from the Modify Permission check box list. Click Save.
    5. Go to your OpenCart's store front so the extension will be automatically initialized.
    6. Visitor Statistics menu is enabled and shown before the Help menu at the OpenCart administration.

    Support : theodor678 [AT] yahoo [DOT] gr

    Compatibility :
    1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.6,,,,


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