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Premium User Essentials 2.6.2

Provide your members with additional username, thread, and post functions.

    • Premium
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Updates Duration:
    Yearly Renewal
    Visible Branding:
    This add-on provides useful user functions and options. Provide your members with additional username, thread, and post functions.
    Changing usernames has never been this easy!
    Requires XenForo 1.3.x or newer

    Enhanced Version:
    • Moderation. Option to moderate user name changes. Only moderators with set permission may approve or deny name change requests.
    • User Note. Option for the user to provide a note as to why they wish to change their username.
    • Moderator Note. Option for the moderator to provide the user with a note when approving or denying the name change.
    • Moderator Alerts. Option to alert all moderators to the user's new name.
    • User Alert and Email. Users are notified by alert and email when a decision is made in regards to their name change request.
    • Name Change Cycles. Option to reset the allowed number of name changes every X days.
    • Visible Indication. Option to set the user's custom title to display their previous name for X days in order to allow all members to keep track.
    • Previous Name Changes/Requests Information. Moderators may view the details of previous name change requests. Approved, Denied, and those Pending Approval requests, all display their relevant information in an overlay.
    • ACP User Edit Previous Names. The user edit page in the Admin Control Panel (ACP) displays a list of previous names held by that user.
    Feature List:
    • Delete Poll. Moderators and poll creators (when no votes have been cast) can delete a poll via a simple link.
    • Custom User Upgrade Amounts. By setting the upgrade price to 0, you can allow the user to pay any price for the upgrade.
    • Remove Own Poll Vote with optional Time Limit. Those who have cast a vote may remove it (un-vote). This is a usergroup permission which may be set with a time limit (in minutes). Time starts once vote has been cast. Poll must be open and user must have voting permission.
    • User Action Log. Editing of post messages, editing thread titles and/or prefixes, locking/unlocking threads, adding polls, and changing user names, are all logged and displayed via a user log in the Admin Control Panel.
    • Change User Name. Members may change their user name x amount of times by selecting the 'Change User Name' link on their Account page. Option to display previous usernames via a tab on the profile page.
    • Create Polls Permission to limit who may create polls by user group or node.
    • Add Poll to existing thread. Permission to allow thread authors to add a poll to the their threads at a later date (now default in XF 1.4).
    • Edit Poll. Poll creators can now edit their polls as long as no votes have been cast (now default in XF 1.4).
    • Optional Time Limit permission on editing thread titles.
    • Separate Title and Post edit time limits. Option to allow the editing of thread titles even when the time limit for editing posts has expired.
    • Lock / Unlock own thread. Permission to allow thread authors to lock/unlock their own threads. User cannot unlock threads locked by a moderator.
    • More Options... Thread authors may edit the title and prefix, lock/unlock, or add a poll to their threads by editing the first post and selecting the 'More Options...' button.
    • This add-on does not alter the XenForo xf_post or xf_thread MySQL tables, which means it can easily be installed on large boards.


    1. 1_Options_1.png
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    3. 3_Permissions.png
    4. 4_Name_Change_Error.png
    5. 5_Name_Change_Form.png
    6. 6_Pending_Approval.png
    7. 7_Moderation_Queue.png
    8. 8_Moderator_Log.png
    9. 9_Email_Approved.png
    10. 10_Email_Denied.png
    11. 11_Alerts.png
    12. 12_Profile_Page.png
    13. 13_Request_Info.png
    14. 14_User_Edit.png
    15. 15_User_Log.png
    16. 16_Log_View.png
    17. 17_Add_Poll.png
    18. 18_Poll_Action_Confirm.png
    19. 19_Poll_Unvote.png

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