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Add-on TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED) 0.7.1

Last TinyMCE modified for XenForo, fast popups and some fixes for TinyMCE & Xenforo parser


    TinyMCE Fix
    By C├ędric CLAERHOUT

    paypal donation

    This addon will install the last version of TinyMCE (3.5.8) modified for XenForo (changes can be reverted) which will fix some bugs (I see just one for the moment with the caret position - see here) and which can be used with the last version of mobile devices (tested on iOS 5 et iOS 6).

    This addon will also modify the XenForo parser to fix a few bugs.

    If after applied this fix, TinyMCE and XenForo parser continue to have problems and still make you want to kill them, please don't blame me for this :coffee:Just wait XenForo developers to really fix those bugs.

    Since the 0.5 version, this addon has an option to display fast overlay popup for XenForo default buttons (except the color picker).

    List of bugs targeted by this fix:
    Bug 1
    Bug 2
    Bug 3


    If you have bugs, first uncheck the "pre-parser" option, if nothing changed, uncheck the "pollution bug fix"

    If you want to enable TinyMCE on mobile devices, you will need to have installed TMS.

    This release can be installed and upgraded using the Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming

    Use the Addon Installer OR upload files which are inside the "upload" directory of the archive to the XenForo directory.

    If you choose to upload files manually do not delete XenForo TinyMCE by yourself! Just copy files above the existed ones.

    How to revert back to XenForo Original TinyMCE
    The archive has an "extras" directory in which you can find an upload directory. Just upload the content of the upload directory inside the XenForo directory. The TinyMCE files will be automatically replaced.

    I revert back to the XenForo Original TinyMCE, but my editor doesn't load anymore ! What's the problem?
    Check in the Buttons Manager (of the Bb Codes Custom Manager) if you have still have a TinyMCE orphan buttons activated. If yes, just take it back from the editor. That's all.

    Spanish translation by lms

    TinyMCE forum - Question about XenForo Integration

    This application has been developed for XenForo. XenForo developers can take all the code they want from it without any conditions.
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