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Add-on The Magic Breadcrumb Arrow 2.2

Easy configuration for the Breadcrumb with many new options

    The Magic Breadcrumb Arrow
    by C├ędric CLAERHOUT

    Addon Presentation
    This simple addon will allow you to set Breadcrumb First or/and Last Item colors without any problem with arrows. See picture : View attachment 21995

    Version 2.0 released
    This addon has almost nothing to do with the previous version. Users should really install this update.

    What's new:
    • The previous addon was using a Javascript to make easy the configuration of arrows. Now, for this part, it's pure Css.
    • The configuration of breadcrumb items & arrows have now a special menu "Easy Breadcrumb" (just below the menu "Breadcrumb" inside the Style Properties (admincp=>Appearance=>Styles=>{your style} => "Easy Breadcrumb")
    • Inside this new menu, there are two global options
      • One to make arrows clickable
      • One to delete arrows borders on all browsers
    • There are also some advanced options to use a SVG graphic to emulate the original arrow in order to have a clean border on all recent browsers compatible with SVG. If the browser is not compatible, then the default arrows will be displayed.
      This SVG graphic have many options: width, height, border width, border color.
    • There is also a experimental option to use another SVG graphic with a background pattern. I wrote a lot about it inside the option, no need to detail more about it here.
    The integration of all those new functions can be done by two ways:
    1. Using the TMS (template modifications system)
    2. Using Javascript.
    This integration is automatic. I would still recommend to use TMS, which means you will have to install TMS first (before installing/updating this addon).

    If you use the SVG background pattern (experimental option), you will also need to install this addon: Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE).


    For XenForo 1.1.x : Optional but recommended: install first the TMS (template modifications system)

    Then use Auto Installer or upload the files on your forum directory and Import xml file

    Go here: admincp=>Appearance=>Styles=>{your style} => "Easy Breadcrumb"


    Creative Commons BY 3.0


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