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Premium [TH] Unlimited Staff Job Applications 1.0

Unlimited application form manager to you forum

    • Premium
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    This add-on is designed to add an unlimited application form manager to you forum. The applications come with a Category System so they can be organised and grouped in categories or genres.

    When an applicant submits an application form, the application will be posted as a new thread in a forum that can be selected at the add on settings.

    Admins can opt to receive an email too, when someone submits an application form. And the applicants will receive a pc where they will be informed that their applications has been received. The sender and text of the automated pc can be configured from the add on settings.


    1. 1admin.PNG
    2. 2categoriesadd.png
    3. 3applicationsadd.png
    4. 4applications.png
    5. 5categories.png
    6. 6permissions.PNG
    7. 7settings.png
    8. 8applications.png
    9. 9applicationform.PNG
    10. 10forum.PNG
    11. 11thread.PNG
    12. 12pm.PNG
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