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Add-on [TH] UI.X Add-on 1.1.2

Plug-in settings for the styles of Audentio Design ( Nulled )

    • Open Source
    • Bonanza
    • Premium
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements : UI.X Framework by Audentio

    Visible Branding : No

    Plug-in for settings and work styles from Audentio Design. This plug-in is required for such styles as:

    • UI.X Dark
    • Peachy Keen
    • Reneue
    • Class
    • Rogue
    • Quark
    • Drift - Light
    • Drift - Dark
    • Intrepid
    • Intrinsic
    • Antiquark
    • Scratch
    • Tactical
    • UI.Flex
    • UI.Flex Dark
    • xenBlock
    • xenSplash
    • UI.X

    Installing UI.X with UI.X Add-on
    1. Your first step is to download the add-on from your customer area. You will be asked to provide some information before downloading. Once downloaded, save the .zip file somewhere you are familiar with.
    2. Next, you will want to extract the files. After that is done you will need to upload the contents inside the upload folder into your root XenForo directory. You will then need to install the .xml file.
    3. To install the .xml file, login to your XenForo admin control panel. Navigate to Install Add-on under the Add-ons section in your navigation. To install search for the .xml file after clicking on the button
    4. Congratulations! You should now see a section titled UI.X under Appearances. Click on Styles to start downloading the UI.X theme
    5. Before the add-on will allow you to download any style, you must set an API key. You can find the API key in your customer are on Audentio.
    6. Paste your API Key in the field titled Audentio API Key under [UI.X] General in your board options, and then navigate to the section titled UI.X under Appearance.
    7. You will see a list of all themes available to download through the add-on. If you have already purchased Ui.X, simply click the install link.
    After you've got it installed and working, you might want to check out some of the amazing features that come with this product. Click any of the links on the side to jump to that section.

    If you need assistance getting the add-on installed or would prefer us to handle it for you, you can create a ticket.
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    Thank for your hard work it really amazing without the copyright.
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    Version: 1.0.12a
    thanks you so much!
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    Free download to everybody and branding remove.
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