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IPB 4.1.x Terms of Service 3.0.2


    About This File
    This application will require members in selected groups to agree to special Terms of Service before being able to view and use the site. You can require a specific or all members to agree again to terms using 2 availables tools on Admin CP or directly on member profile on front end.


    1. Screen_-_Member_agreed.png.d27d1e5d63748ae846ac2efe4b959364.png.c245cf456f77f17c6e7760dc3411f6f6.png
    2. Screen_-_Profiles.png.bc1cccd050e66ac4534d1387718e370d.png.6b4117c1a738d982ef5edc89f6e42fce.png
    3. Screen_-_Settings.png.aceeacde51f65c0aa66a4fe2ffd22cc2.png.1baadc155516d8e8df6aa65798fcacba.png
    4. Screen_-_Tools.PNG.b521e8b0d7adbb9e6ebf9d35cfe95aee.PNG.83df1c7ccec1d1dc51f960ddbb205609.PNG

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