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Opencart SocialDiscounts - Like/Share/Tweet to get a discount 2.2.2


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    The statistics behind SocialDiscounts?

    90% of Facebook users trust recommendations from people they know.
    75% of users are more likely to purchase if a friend of theirs posted a product on their wall
    60% of users are likely to purchase a product if they get a discount

    SocialDiscounts by iSenseLabs promotes your OpenCart store while your are earning your store visitor's loyalty with.

    How does SocialDiscounts work?

    1) Customer adds a product to cart
    2) Customer shares products with their social circles
    3) Customer gets a discount, your products receive exposure


    ✯ Non-cumulative discount
    ✯ Enable/Disable SocialDiscounts
    ✯ Set percentage or a fixed amount
    ✯ Own order total method (SocialDiscounts)
    ✯ Each action gives different discount
    ✯ Multilingual description on the store front for each button
    ✯ Admin can order the buttons on the store front
    ✯ Administration UI improvements
    ✯ Easy Position anywhere
    ✯ User Custom/Default user layout
    ✯ Multilingual support
    ✯ Set custom message
    ✯ Customize message via a Rich Text Editor
    Still have a question? Read more in the SocialDiscounts Q&A


    ✯ User Like/Share or both
    ✯ Select share URL
    ✯ Enter shared link caption
    ✯ Enter shared link Description
    ✯ Choose among 4 button designs
    ✯ Choose Facebook button name
    ✯ Choose maximum coupon usage


    ✯ User Tweet/Follow or both
    ✯ Choose Twitter hashtag to apply promo
    ✯ Choose User to follow to apply promo
    ✯ Set Tweet message


    Store Front DEMO
    Admin Panel DEMO

    Compatibility :,,,,,
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