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Premium Snapshot // xenfocus 1.5.10

Snapshot features a very unique 'frosted image' effect and a large fixed background image.

    • Premium
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5


    Snapshot is lightly based off the Aero theme used in Windows 7 and features a very unique 'frosted image' effect. Perfect for almost any forum genre since it can be easily customized by simply modifying the background images.
    The skin is compatible with all major, modern browsers including Internet Explorer 9/10+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. As a responsive layout, it also scales down to accommodate for smaller devices such as tablets and mobiles. After purchasing this skin, you will be able to download it immediately from the customer area on the forums. For more information, check the FAQ's and terms & conditions.

    Skin features
    • screenshot1.jpg
    • HTML Text as LogoEasily change the logo text by editing the Text Logo Value style property.
    • screenshot2.jpg
    • Frosted Image EffectA blurred background behind content boxes and headers creates a very unique effect.
    • screenshot4.jpg
    • Custom Node IconsIndividually change each forum icon to match the genre of the forum.
    • screenshot5.jpg
    • Greyscale "read icons"If no new posts exist within a forum, the icon fades in opacity and turns greyscale (in webkit browsers only).
    • screenshot3.jpg
    • Custom style propertiesEasily enable/disable custom features, such as the custom node icons or text logo by modifying simple settings in your admin cpanel.
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