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Opencart Simple - simplified registration and booking - Nulled 4.5.11

Simple - simplified registration and booking - Nulled

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    Compatible with versions 1.5.1.x, 1.5.2.x, 1.5.3.x, 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x, 2.0.0.x, 2.0.1.x , 2.0.2.x, 2.0.3.x, 2.1.0.x (including various assembly based on these versions) For m Odulov needs IonCube Loader 4.4 or later version (with PHP is not lower than 5.3)! Russian language is! As there is English and several other languages. The module contains instructions for installing, configuring, and FAQ License the module strictly on a single domain, but in the test domain keys are free of charge after the acquisition module. Test domain can only be a technical addresses hosts or subdomains main domain.Instructions for obtaining the key is available in the admin module. Shift key is considered individually. For developers there are discounts after your first purchase. To quickly receive answers to questions about the best writing on the post! Version 4.xx to include all possible versions of the past, and a number of completely new. A full view of the new version module is available from the admin panel of the module athttp://demo1.simpleopencart.com/admin login / password: demo / demo Demo for openkarta 2.0 We do http://demo.simpleopencart.com briefly the main features of version 4.5.0:

    • Multishagovy operation, at each step, you can set the template display units or to leave all on one page
    • Address fields and the buyer are divided into blocks
    • All fields are set in the admin module
    • The dependence of the fields from each other is defined in the admin module
    • Simplified storage format for custom fields, and simplified addition of these fields in literacy and numeracy, is enough to add the ID field in the address template for the desired country (localization)
    • Validation of fields takes place in the browser without reloading
    • Simplified templates module template fields and headings made in separate files, making it easy to change the appearance of the module for any needs
    • The module may operate as a module on any page or even popap
    And many other innovations! ..
    Implemented the following features:
    • Easy registration of users to customize and add fields (sort order, type, saving)
    • Starting with version 3.5.0 added step by step operation as an option
    • Easy order processing on a single page to customize and add fields (sort order, type, save). Perhaps shutdown input email
    • Customize the appearance of the order form from the admin panel (in two columns, one column, combined)
    • Styles in a separate file, making it easy to change under your template
    • Added switchable block selection addresses for registered users
    • Customizable user registration at the guest ordering
    • Shopping cart integrated into the order form (with support points, coupons and certificates)
    • Setup options depending on the selected shipping method
    • Ability to customize the method of payment, depending on the method of delivery
    • Geo IP support during the ordering process (substitution of the region and the city of the buyer by its IP address), currently assembled base only for Russia, but added to the API to write your own method of determining the address. The accuracy of the database is not guaranteed, as was collected from open sources, and maintaining and updating it is not included in technical support, as this is just an example of the implementation of GeoAPI module, you can use any database and download data from it via the API module.
    • It does not affect the system files of the script and not disturbed the normal functionality of registration and order
    • The standard classes of shops to perform actions on the user registration and the establishment of order, which at times improves integration with third-party modules
    • Do not you want to store specific settings to work correctly
    • AutoComplete city and the substitution of data around the city
    • Autogenerate password
    • Minimum / maximum values Order
    • Ability to disable blocks for buyers
    • The ability to change the display options of delivery and payment: a radio button or drop-down list
    • Support multimagazinov
    • Export / import settings
    • Help in preparing a template for easy integration with the theme, very different from the standard layout
    • Integration with other topics simplified the rules you need only two files simple_header, simple_footer, which basically creates a helper from above
    • Added titles, and now they can be managed in a set of fields
    • The set of fields added Drug and drop
    • Removed field companies, but now you can select the group and the buyer respectively different sets of fields for different groups
    • Added two page user account (or rather replaced) - Edit basic information, editing addresses, which are also set in the admin panel
    • Save / load data without custom API
    • Added vkmod to display custom data in the admin
    • Dozapisyvayutsya custom field to an array of data transmitted model openkarta therefore at times easier to organize the sending of data in the letter, as well as integrate with third-party modules that govern the model openkarta and tables
    • Simplified integration with Joomla, and now only need to register the path in the admin
    • Change Theme by adaptive layout, change the style a pickup style buttons from theme
    • Controlling the display form of payment from the admin
    • Change the options for dealing with the admin of geoip
    • Added link groups of buyers and options Shipping / Payment
    • Changed the layout of the basket, you can hide columns by styles
    • Added support for Google API - Attention! This feature is for the determination of the region and the city of entered the country and the index, for Russia is not working very well. This functionality was added earlier, and works in the current version, the definition of a country, region, city, the index for the IP to Russia my Geodatabase and autofill of data entered in the same city with my base, or the definition of the country's maksmaynd
    For prompt answers to questions is best to write on e-mail!

    Talk here https: //opencartforu...az-simple-3431/

    demo features version 4.5. 0
    http: //demo1.simpleo.../simplecheckout

    access to the admin panel demo site for version 4.5.0
    Username: demo Password: demo
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