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Unmaintained Simple Gallery 1.0

Simple yet powerful image and video gallery

    This is the first release of Simple Gallery. which is designed as a "lite" gallery solution. It allows images or external videos (YouTube, for example) to be displayed in groups or albums. Images are added by uploading the selected image from your computer, and videos are added by simply pasting the link. A separate full-featured version with comments, ratings, nested albums, permissions per album etc will be available at a later date.

    • upload an image using XenForo's flash uploader. Uses graceful fallbacks the same as XenForo
    • embed videos into albums simply with a link
    • set albums in the ACP to sort your images and videos into
    • edit/move/delete images and videos just like you do with threads
    • upload contents and run XML file like you would any add-on
    • go into ACP -> Applications and Create New Album
    • then set user group permissions to be able to view the gallery and add media
    • go back to your forums, click on Gallery and then Add Media
    • Enjoy!
    What's Next?
    • first, in a mini release, will be pagination because I forgot
    • more user focused to show who added set media and allow users to edit media they add with additional permissions
    • daily stats integration for added media
    • new sections... your media, search and latest media
    • add to the news feed
    • AJAX and JavaScript additions to use the lightbox
    • scrolling media selector to select siblings when viewing a single media item
    • like integration
    You can try out the gallery here.


    1. acp.png
    2. add_image.png
    3. add_video.png
    4. gallery_index.png
    5. view_album.png
    6. view_video.png
    7. view_image.png
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