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IPB 4.0.x Shoutbox Beta 3c 1.0.0

Shoutbox Beta 3c

  1. SM€GGLE
    About This File
    Popular chat Shoutbox versions 4.0.h. At the moment the update from 3.4.h to 4.0.h unavailable because Chat in the development and bug fixes .

    May be buggy due to Beta status

    Installation Instructions

    AC - System - Features - Applications - Install - Choose Shoutbox Beta 3c.tar

    IPS Community Suite 4.0 will install all the necessary files , no need to download anything via FTP.

    After installation, you can customize to fit your needs Shoutbox in the settings menu .


    1. sh1.GIF.5421d48442af48287827d5d04041d61e.GIF
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