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IPB 4.0.x Shoutbox Beta 3c 1.0.0

Shoutbox Beta 3c

    About This File
    Popular chat Shoutbox versions 4.0.h. At the moment the update from 3.4.h to 4.0.h unavailable because Chat in the development and bug fixes .

    May be buggy due to Beta status

    Installation Instructions

    AC - System - Features - Applications - Install - Choose Shoutbox Beta 3c.tar

    IPS Community Suite 4.0 will install all the necessary files , no need to download anything via FTP.

    After installation, you can customize to fit your needs Shoutbox in the settings menu .


    1. sh1.GIF.5421d48442af48287827d5d04041d61e.GIF
    2. sh2.GIF.09eb46ede8ff3528b38aa9b54cbe6157.GIF
    3. sh3.GIF.4ac2ce1ed6485acbf02c094c3895da8c.GIF
    4. sh4.GIF.6c2dae4603967465f56f9e1aed94130f.GIF
    5. shoutbox.png.3a95646df5bbad3c00d9b684383ab11e.png
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