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Premium Reckons Team Credits 1.0.6

Virtual currency system to boost forum activity. Supports Resource Manager and Media Gallery.

    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Updates Duration:
    12 Months. Renewable at a cost of $16 per 12 months
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment
    This add-on is a fully-integrated virtual currency system for XenForo. It will allow you to create multiple virtual currencies, your users can earn and spend the earned credits on the resources which can be locked per resource basis.

    Features Overview:
    • Multiple virtual currencies
    • Well integrated into XenForo Resource Manager *
    • Ability to spend the earned credits on resources which are locked
    • Ability to show/hide per currency in user info found in thread listing
    • Well integrated into XenForo Media Gallery *
    • Members will earn for possibly each and every single action done in Media Gallery
    • Amount to be credited / removed can be adjusted per node
    • Currency can be enabled / disabled per user group
    • Integrated into User Subscription to reward your users on user upgrade purchase
    • Reward users for 5/5 rating on both XenForo Resource Manager and XenForo Media Gallery
    • Integrated with Trophy System
    * Integration needs to be enabled via ACP.

    Live Demo:
    You can check the live demo at my forum @https://www.rt-networks.com/

    Installation Instruction:
    1. Extract the zip you downloaded
    2. Upload the contents of the folder "upload" to your forum root (the place where index.php is)
    3. Import XML via Admin CP
    4. Check the permissions for user group
    5. Any changes to this add-on can be made via ACP > Applications > Reckons Team Credits
    Importing is relatively very simple. When in doubt, please start a support thread in my forum and you'll get the support required. Currently tested with add-ons:
    1. *******'s Credits (Lite)
    2. *******'s Credits Premium
    3. [bd] Banking
    4. (e34) ibEconomy Points System

    3rd Party add-on integration:
    1. Sportsbook
    2. Stock Trader
    3. ******* Key Code
    4. CTA Featured Threads & Portal
    5. Post Rating
    6. Lottery

    Currently you'll require to register on my site to download any of the updates, if they're available.

    You may use the add-on per single installation / instance only. You can however install the add-on your demo board for testing purpose only. If you want to install on multiple domains then please purchase new license for each domain.

    For bulk purchasing please start a conversation with me to get discount(s) if applicable.

    Branding Removal:
    Each branding removal costs $35 per domain.

    Purchasing Details:
    Please start a conversation with me on my forum or here to get the payment gateway information. Currently only PayPal is supported.

    To start a conversation with me here, click here.
    To start a conversation with me on my forum,click here.

    Other Disclaimer:
    Anyone found sharing the add-on on 3rd party site without my permission will have their license revoked.

    You can view the screenshots on my site @https://www.rt-networks.com/media/albums/reckons-team-credits.2/
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