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Premium Razor Blade (Blue Default) - ThemesCorp.com 1.5.10

Razor Blade is a very dark style but with great depth effects!

  1. SM€GGLE
    Only accessible by:
    • Premium Member
    Compatible XF Version:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Razor Blade is a very dark style but with great depth effects!

    It's ideal for a games or guild forums ;)

    Razor Blade with 6 Colors now !

    You also get all the benefits of our XenCore Framework.

    Tested with :
    - XenForo Media Gallery
    - XenForo Resources Manager
    - Showcase
    - Taigachat Pro
    - Post Ratings

    Another interesting feature is the ability for users to change background! (Administrator can add 10 backgrounds and usergroup permissions)


    I also added a small feature located in the visitor panel, depending on the time of day, a different message will be displayed (Screen)








    1. Screenshot_3.png
    2. Options   ThemesCorp  Background Chooser   Admin CP   XenForo.png
    3. Screenshot_1.png
    4. Screenshot_2.png
    5. Screenshot_4.png
    6. Screenshot_5.png
    7. Screenshot_6.png
    8. Screenshot_7.png
    9. Screenshot_8.png
    10. Screenshot_9.png
    11. razor_multicolor.png