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Opencart Product Option Image PRO 2 OC 2.0 2.2.4

Improve standard OpenCart functionality of product images

    • Premium
    Compatible OC Versions:
    "Product option image PRO" module is designed to improve standard OpenCart functionality of product images. It allows to assign images to product options (from 1 to several images per option value) and use them to better visualize a product together with its options for customers.

    Features of the module:
    • works with options types: "Select", "Radio", "Image" and "Checkbox"
    • allows to set few images for each product options value
    • changes main product image on select of a option value (optional)
    • changes main product image on mouseover an additional image (optional)
    • adds images selected options to list of additional images (optional)
    • filters list of additional images depending on selected options - to show only relevant images (optional)
    • replaces common thumbnails of options with individual images of a product option (optional)
    • makes thumbnails of options on a product page dependent on other selected options (optional)
    • shows thumbnails for options types "Radio" and "Checkbox" (optional)
    • shows images of selected option directly below a field of the option on product page (optional)
    • shows images relevant to selected options of products in shopping cart (optional)
    • has simple import/export features (XLS)

    Animated demonstration:

    Compatible and tested with themes: Journal2, Pav Megashop, Lexus SuperStore, CosyOne, Allure, Eyewear, AudioGear, Claudine, Comohos, Pav Sportshop, Kids Market, Petsyshop, Optima, Sebian, Maxstore, VIVA, Cycling Equipment, Greek, Optimal, Marketshop, Fashion, Stowear, Clothing for Everyone, Goodies For Sleep, Existore, Magazines Store, Lookz, Moment, MediaCenter, Ranger, Pav Mode, Fashion Store, ThemeGlobalLite, Hair Salon, Harvest, Sellegance, Superexpress, Shoppystore, Flooring, Leather, UP!, GoShop, shop-store, Fastor, Shine, Watches Shop, Minimal Multi Purpose, Pavilion (BurnEngine), Pav Styleshop, Magazin, Moneymaker2, Huge, R.Gen, BASKY, Handbags, Fashion Store, Pavilion minimal, Revolution, Aspire, Coolbaby, Furniture Tool & Hardware, Project-Store, Shoppica (BurnEngine), Welldone, FAB!SH, Technopolis (BurnEngine), Logancee, Unishop, Diamond, NewStore, Optimus, Organic Cosmetics, Love Fashion, Pav Digital Store, July, Helena, Kiddos (BurnEngine), Minoan, StoreFlex Fashion, Marine Store, GOGA, Infant Clothing Store, Modern, Trendo (BurnEngine), Parallax, Fashionista, Imarket, Glorious, Furnicom, Perfume Store, Cook's Uniform, Astra, Pav Beat, Lexus Berrykid, Lexus Shopstars, Lightshop, Luxury, Myshop, Modern, Megashop, Pav Clothes, Porto, Market, Hardware, James, Oxelar, Xpresso, Fractal, Kitchen Essentials, Maxshop, Mozar, Dalia, Modern(rus), Barbara, Handcraft, Lilac, Pixelshop, Yourstore.

    If you have compatibility issues with your OpenCart theme, email us to support@liveopencart.com, we will help.

    This is a module version for OpenCart 2.x,
    for OpenCart 3.x please use Product Option Image PRO 3
    for OpenCart 1.5.x please use Product Option Image PRO 1

    demo.liveopencart.com: Product Option Image PRO for OpenCart 2 demonstration

    Demo admin:
    demo.liveopencart.com: Administration
    login/pass: demo/demo

    We also recommend:
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