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Opencart (ocMod) Opencart Multi Image Uploader 4.0

Multi Image Uploader

    • Premium

    Are you tired to upload images and then select them to your products?
    This module uploads images directly from computer using Browse or Drag&Drop!
    This extension is all you need to forget about wasting your time to setup images into your products!
    This extension will add additional button in your "Image" tab (Products) and give you the functionality to choose multiple images from your computer.
    If you are using FireFox or Chrome even better! Just Select the images and DRAG them to the browser!
    Multi Image Uploader is BESTSELLER extension, developed in year 2011. Now you can enjoy the module for the latest Opencart version 2.0!
    Feel free to check the rating and comments for previous versions of Opencart!
    For Opencart 1.5.xclick here
    For Opencart 1.4.xclick here
    Check all of our extensionshere
    If you have any questions, please ask -->support@sharleys.co.uk

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    Version 4.0:
    • Supports Opencart v2
    • Multiple file select
    • Drag-and-drop file select in FireFox, Chrome
    • No external dependencies !
    • Doesn't use Flash !
    • Fully working with https !
    • Readme.txt included
    • Support available by email ! Six (6) months FREE Support included! Support via email: support@sharleys.co.uk
    • Option to choose which of the additional images will be treated as a default image. This function can be used when you add or edit product.
    • Fixed bug with alert "Increase max_upload_size"
    • Option to choose where to save images.
    • Option for auto segment images in sub folders by year/month/
    • Option for deleting the additional image which is going to be default image

    This extension is OCMOd and works on OpenCart 2.0x Only! You can install it via extension installer.

    Coming soon.

    Go to: "Catalog > Products > edit existing or Insert New > (tab) Image > (button) Add from Computer or Drag&Drop".

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