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Opencart Multiple Paypal Accounts (1.5.2-2.x.x) 200.1

Opencart Extension

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    Supported OpenCart Versions:

    What does it do:
    Adds a new field to the Manufacturers section to add a custom paypal address.
    This is aimed at artists and craft stores that would like to sell the crafts of multiple people in one store with different Paypal Accounts.
    This ensures the correct person gets paid by linking all the same products to a "manufacturer" record.

    During checkout with paypal standard, it will swap the normal paypal address with the one specified on the manufacturer
    The selected email will be added to the order comments upon successful payment.

    * You will need to have the latest vQmod engine installed (http://vQmod.com)

    Main features:
    * Simple vQmod script plug and play. Add it to enable, Remove it to disable
    * Allows your store to sell and pay directly to separate paypal email addresses based on the selected products

    Because OpenCart only has a single checkout system, the mod limits the customer to only being able to checkout with products from a single manufacturer at a time.

    Example. If you add an "Apple iPod" and "Apple iPad" to the cart, that is fine because they are both Apple products.
    But if you add an "Apple iPod" first and then try to add an "HP Laptop", it will not allow the customer to checkout.
    An informative message is popped up on the cart page when trying to add products from multiple manufacturers.

    This mod assumes that you will never allow adding products from mixed manufacturers
    This mod will default to the default paypal email set in the paypal standard area if you didn't specify one for the manufacturer


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