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Opencart Multi Vendor / DropShipper (vQmod) 156x

Multi Vendor

    • Premium

    This contribute Multi Vendor/Drop Shipper module to extend OpenCart availability to allow store admin to manage each product associate to third party vendors information. This is especially useful for drop shipper to keep track of the product information such as country origin, product cost, shipping cost, product URL, store URL, contact information and etc. The module is well integrate for online shop that selling digital product like software, picture or music download.The system has integrated with email system to trigger email to vendor when respective products from vendor are placed by customer either during checkout or history orders is updated.

    Allow to add unlimited vendors information
    Allow to add unlimited shipping couriers
    Product shipping and digital download supported
    Monthly sales order report for each vendor
    Payout report for vendor
    Simple PayPal button for easy payout at product page
    Simple PayPal button for easy payout to vendor by accumulated monthly sales order
    Auto calculate new cost after combine product cost and shipping cost (own estimate shipping cost)
    Easy access to all products from same vendor
    Easy email message modification sent to vendor from store admin
    Easy email activation to trigger notification email to vendor at Checkout Or History Order status update
    Strict permission control over vendor login to manage own product, category, download, information, profile and password
    Each vendor reserve own dashboard (Sales order, Total sales, Total Orders, Total Products and Statistic chart)
    Store front vendor sign up interface
    Easy default vendor account setup during sign up (example : commission, store and categories)
    Product pending approval feature added
    Restricted vendor images folder for better security
    Vendor print invoice button enable
    Easy control to print store or vendor address at invoice
    Easy product limit control over vendors
    Easy setup shipping rate per product enabled
    Easy show/hide category menu for vendor account
    Allow different commission level to associate for each vendor (fixed rate, percentage, percentage + fix rate or fix rate + percentage)
    Allow pay per product at sales transaction through paypal standard
    Order status update notifcation control (system trigger email to customer only when all item are shipped by vendors)
    Single tax rate enabled
    Enchance payment record selection in vendor payment transactions (Now you have option to choose when add payment record such as Paypal, Cheque and other payment method)
    Enchance by adding multiple checkout option to trigger notification email to vendor when customer checkout
    Multi-flat shipping module
    Allow personalize attribute, attribute group and options customization at vendor interface
    Coupon support for vendor at product level discount
    Include three payment gateway (cheque, bank transfer & paypal) to customer pay to vendor directly at multi-store purpose
    Added shipping couriers image at checkout page for multi-flat shipping module
    Paypal Adaptive Payment Ready (module sell separately)



    Compatibility :
    1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,


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    15. 561d173ef0519-resize-500x500.jpg
    16. 561d1737be222-resize-500x500.jpg
    17. 561d1740c87fd-resize-500x500.jpg
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    19. 561d173965bae-resize-500x500.jpg
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    21. 561dec7da7940-resize-500x500.jpg
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