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Add-on Mobile Agent Tracer (CC by) 1.5.5

This addon displays inside a message if the user has used a mobile device to post it.

    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.1
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Creative Commons BY 3.0 license (only my personal Framework, for other integrated scripts, please refer to their own license)
    Visible Branding:
    Mobile Agent Tracer (CC by)
    by C├ędric CLAERHOUT

    Addon Presentation
    • This addon displays inside a message if the user used a mobile device to post it. This information can be available for posts, conversations, profile posts & profiles comments.
    • This addons will use the XenForo Mobile detection (which can only detect if the user is using a mobile or a standard device). This addon will provide much more information if the following addon is installed: Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE)
      • Tablet: BlackBerry , iPad, Kindle, Samsung , HTC , Motorola , Asus , Nook , Acer , Yarvik , Surface, HP, Fujitsu, Prestigio, Lenovo, Intenso, IRU, Megafon, Eboda, AllView, Sony, MID, Pantech, Broncho, Versus, Zync, Positivo, Kobo, Danew, Texet, Trekstor, PyleAudio, Advan, DanyTech, Galapad, Micromax, Karbonn, AllFine, PROSCAN, YONES, ChangJia, GU, PointOfView, Overmax, HCL, DPS, Visture, Cresta, Mediatek, Concorde, GoClever, Modecom, Vonino, ECS, Storex, Vodafone, EssentielB, RossMoor, iMobile, Tolino,
        AudioSonicTablet, AMPETablet, SkkTablet, TecnoTablet, JXDTablet, iJoyTablet, FX2Tablet, XoroTablet, ViewsonicTablet, OdysTablet, CaptivaTablet, IconbitTablet, TeclastTablet, JaytechTablet, BlaupunktTablet, DigmaTablet, EvolioTablet, LavaTablet, CelkonTablet, MiTablet, NibiruTablet, NexoTablet, UbislateTablet, PocketBookTablet, Onda, Aoc, Leader, Hudl

      • Mobile: iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, Nexus, DellStreak, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Palm, LG, Micromax, iMobile, SimValley, Wolfgang, Alcatel, Nintendo, Amoi, INQ,Wiko
    • If the script "Php-mobile-detect" can't detect the device, it should still return "Tablet" or "Mobile". If a new tablet is available and hasn't yet been integrated inside this script, it will still return "mobile". Of course all these information are provided by the user agent which can be bypassed.
    • Administrators can allow users to enable/disable the recording of their mobile device information (inside user privacy settings) - Administrators should check their country regulation about it
    • Administrators can allow users to delete their recorded mobile device information (inside user privacy settings) - Administrators should check their country regulation about it

    • No extra Query
    • Two different displays for posts & conversations
    • Fully phrased
    • Options
    • Visual configuration
    1. Template Modification System (TMS) (needed for an automatic integration - a must have) ONLY FOR XenForo 1.1.x
    2. As told above, this addon will be fully functional with the addon "Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE)"
    1. Upload the files on your forum directory
    2. Import xml file
    3. Configure the usergroups permissions to choose who can see the mobile info
    • You must configure users permissions for this addon:
      AdminCp=>Users=>Usergroups permissions=>(Select your usergroup)=>Mobile Agent Tracer=>View Information
    • This addon has options you can configure here:
      AdminCp=>Home=>Options=>Mobile Agent Tracer
    • This addon as visual style options you can config ure here:
      AdminCp=>Appearance=>Style properties=>(Select your style)=>Mobile Agent Tracer


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