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Opencart Mass Discount, Special Prices to Items 15x - 2.0x

Mass Discount, Special Prices to Items

    • Premium
    Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

    PS: Support Response in 2 hour:) email: voldemaras@gmail.com (UTC+2 Time Zone (day time:).

    Extension is available in 2 types of installation:
    1) OCMOD 2)VQMOD

    Everyone who runs e-shop knows that offering discounted sales attracts more buyers. And every eCommerce owner at least once have ran a discounted sale.

    But by default in Open Cart when you want to add special prices for large amount of items, here comes the hard part of work. AS you have manually to set all discounts one by one on all the items you want to add a special price. And if you have large amount of items it becomes a time consuming thing:)

    Imagine to add by editing Item Details 1000 items discount (it will take forever).... And it is not a secret that all of us want things get done fast:)

    But not anymore...

    This mod will allow you to set up mass Special price discounts for all or selected products in specific categories or specific manufacturers or combined categories and manufacturers together with a click of a mouse and all at once.

    Simply set to which group to apply the discount, set the discount rate itself in percent, select the categories, manufacturers you want to apply it and set the time period and you are done:)

    Installation is simply just upload an extension to your server (no overwritten files).

    And configure it in Extensions>modules.

    Admin Access
    user: demo
    password: demo

    Go to Extensions>Modules>Mass Discount


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