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Add-on [KL] Fonts Manager 2.0.7

Manage your avaiable Editor Fonts

    • Open Source
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    [KL] Fonts Manager

    Sick of editing .js-Files to get your fonts into the editor? Sick of them not being rendered in the Redactor but in posts only? Here's your solution: the Fonts Manager. Order your fonts! Create new fonts! All in your hands.

    • Order Fonts in Redactor Dropdown
    • Create new Font Sets
    • Upload Custom Fonts
    • Include Google Webfonts
    • (De-)Activate Fonts at will*
    *Deactivated custom fonts will not be available throughout the site until you turn them on again. Deactivated default fonts may still be used but will no longer be shown in the redactor dropdown.

    This addon is currently in Beta stage. It's functionality has been tested on XenForo 1.5. No known incompatibilities.
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