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Opencart Image Manager Pro+ Watermark, Resize, Ftp OC2.0 5.6.5

Perfectly for opencart store

    • Premium
    What it does

    Image Manager Pro+ + Watermark and Resize is an opencart extension. It is based on our favourite image manager elfinder. It is a complete solution with a lot of powerful options that we added and tailored perfectly for opencart store. It is very fast and versatile. We added lot of customization options to tailor it to your needs.

    As an extra addition you can add your own watermarks for your images and even turn on the build in automatic resizer so you don’t have to think about the size and the resolution of your images, so they will be always web friendly.

    change default root from the options
    new Stand-alone Editor demo
    Create separate Image-managers for each user (Set-up main Image-Manager Admin)
    Multi-upload in product page + chose default
    CKEditor compatible demo
    Sanitize plugin
    Watermark plugin
    Center - Watermark image
    Resize plugin
    DOUBLE the image size in the grid view
    Open image folder on ImageManager load
    new FTP Integration
    -- use your ftp images as product image
    -- auto copy image from FTP to your store folder
    • All operations with images and folders (copy, move, upload, create folder, rename, etc.)
    High performance server beckend and light client UI
    • Background file upload with Drag & Drop HTML5 support
    • List and Grid view
    • Sort options
    • Standard methods of file/group selection using mouse or keyboard
    • Multiple image upload with Drag & Drop
    • Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop
    • Archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2)
    • Quicklook, preview for common file types
    • Edit text files and images
    Resize, Rotate, Crop images
    • Calculate directory sizes
    • Thumbnails for image files
    • Rich context menu and toolbar
    • Powerful shortcuts
    • Higly Customizable
    Separate Users
    • Various skins
    • Selection of toolbar styles
    • Ability to show only images or any file type
    • Powerful Watermark implementation
    • Image Resizer (optimize images on upload)
    • Re-edit already placed images
    • HTML5
    • Change ImageManagerPlus language
    • Quick change default image
    • and a lot more !!!



    OpenCart 1.5+ demo (guest/guest)

    OpenCart 2.0+ demo (guest/guest)

    Compatibility :,,,,,,,,,,


    1. 561d518b73a3e-resize-500x500.jpg
    2. 561d518d6532b-resize-500x500.jpg
    3. 561e2feee279c-resize-500x500.jpg
    4. 561e4d06c5ebf-resize-500x500.jpg
    5. 561e07a74e465-resize-500x500.jpg
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