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Add-on Display Name by Alex Chernov 1.0

Adds display name field which will be shown instead of username in case it is set.

    Compatible XF Versions:​

    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:​

    Custom Fields by Waindigo - https://xenforo.com/community/resources/th-custom-fields.885/

    Apache License 2.0
    Visible Branding:​


    Display Name by Alex Chernov, adds display name functionality. If display name is set it will be shown instead of username.

    Can be useful as is (user editable) or for other purposes like beautiful name for administrators\moderators.

    Provides two helpers 'displaynamehtml' and 'richdisplayname', which override core 'usernamehtml' and 'richusername'. But if your templates uses $visitor.username variable to output name of user, you need replace it with helper.


    To use this plugin you need to install Custom Fields by Waindigo first -

    To install this add-on, you will need to extract the zip and upload all the
    files from the contained upload directory onto your web server into the root
    folder of your XenForo Directory.

    Having uploaded the necessary files, you should log in to the Admin Control
    Panel of your XenForo Installation and click on 'Install Add-on' under the
    heading 'Add-ons' on the left-hand side of the Admin Control Panel under the Home' tab.

    Upload file called 'addon-AlexusDisplayName.xml'.

    If you are not able to find 'Display Name' in Users -> Custom User Fields, you can import it manually from 'field-AlexusDisplayName.xml' file.

    GitHub - https://github.com/AlexusBlack/xenforo-AlexusDisplayName
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