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Premium Custom Username Icons - ThemesCorp.com 1.1.2

Enjoy with Font Awesome !

    Custom Username Icons is just fun :D

    With adequate permissions, your members can add a Font Awesome icon of their choice next to their username as well as customize its color.


    • Works everywhere, including addons as long as add-on use XenForo username standard (which is <xen:username>)
    • Color picker
    • Live Icon Preview
    • Font Awesome icons directly selectable from a dropdown menu
    • Tested and work with : Taigachat, Showcase, Media Gallery, Resources Manager
    • Option to set not to load Font Awesome css (eg. if loaded by another add-on) NEW v1.1.0
    • Field to input color code manually in color chooser NEW v1.1.0
    • Custom (or Default if users still can change) username icons for all users of user group (admin choice) NEW v1.1.0


    1. 3xBRLfX.png
    2. 89P0YKR.png
    3. kmMOKGu.png
    4. LrU5Brb.png
    5. mxH33cZ.png
    6. oxOaTo5.png
    7. tl3UGKE.png
    8. uU3H9hQ.png
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