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Premium CometChat 6.1.0

Add a full fledged chat solution to your XenForo forums in minutes.

    • Premium
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Need to add interactivity to your site? Look no further; CometChat is the leading chat solution for your site which will help you grow your customer base exponentially, drastically increase the time spent by users and add hundreds of new features in a matter of minutes!

    CometChat seamlessly integrates with your site. Your users will automatically be logged into CometChat the instant they login to your site. CometChat will show users’ friends in the Who’s Online list as well as integrate with user profiles and avatars.

    Some of our key features:
    - Audio/video/text chat on web, mobile & desktop!
    - Ability to share files, handwritten messages, collaborative documents & their screen
    - Ability to play games and challenge other users in 2-player mode!
    - Push notification on Mobile so that your users never miss a message
    - Desktop Messenger so your users are online on chat even without opening their browser

    New Features in v5.9
    ** Mobile Browser Chat Upgrade: Our HTML5 mobile web-app has been revamped with our Synergy theme.
    ** Screensharing using WebRTC (update): The easiest way for your users to share their screen.
    ** Ability to Join Multiple Chatrooms: Create, join and chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously.
    ** Load earlier messages in Chatrooms: Never miss out on any long conversations in a chatroom.

    CometChat - One on one Chat with Smileys1.jpg One On One Chat

    CometChat - Chatrooms with Audio Video Conference2.jpg Chatrooms with Audio Video Conference

    CometChat - Mobile App - Audio Video Chat3.jpg Mobile App Audio Video Chat

    CometChat - Mobile App - Private Chat4.jpg Mobile App Private Chat

    CometChat - Administration Panel5.jpg Admin Panel
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