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Opencart Combo Pack F3 - Courier Service (Weight Based) OC2.0 1.2

Courier Service (Weight Based)

    • Premium
    Compatible OC Versions:
    # BUY NOW at discounted Price!
    # FREE Service for installation process, just contact me through e-mail.
    # PERCUMA Servis untuk proses installation, hubungi saya melalui emel.
    # emel: opencartmy@gmail.com

    # This extension combine all of this 12 Courier Service:-
    01) Kangaroo Worldwide Express (Weight Based)
    02) ABX Express (Weight Based)
    03) Airpak Express (Weight Based)
    04) City-Link Express (Weight Based)
    05) DHL Express (Weight Based)
    06) FedEx Express (Weight Based)
    07) GD Express (Weight Based)
    08) Nationwide Express (Weight Based)
    09) Skynet Worldwide (Weight Based)
    10) Sure-Reach Worldwide Express (Weight Based)
    11) TNT Express (Weight Based)
    12) TA-Q-BIN (Weight Based)

    Supported OpenCart Versions
    * v1.5.3.x, v1.5.4.x, v1.5.5.x, v1.5.6.x (tested & 100% working with default theme)
    * 100% new files, this extension will NOT replace any core files
    * Available with default (English) and Malay language
    * VQMOD v2.4.1 is required (link vqmod: https://code.google.com/p/vqmod)

    # Description:
    1) This extension is similar to "Weight Based Shipping" in Opencart default, but with another additional features. This extension will make your online shop look more professional.

    2) This extension include all these features:-
    # admin can set option to display shipping icon logo at checkout page (logo only / text only / display logo & text)
    # admin can set range for "Minimum Weight" and "Maximum Weight" to activate this shipping method
    # auto-hide the shipping method if weight is out of ranges "Minimum Weight" and "Maximum Weight"
    # admin can set "Additional Charges (Percentage %)" if any, eg: Fuel Surcharge / Handling Fee / Others Charges.
    # auto-calculate total shipping plus additional charges in checkout page
    # admin can set "Shipping Rates" with formula: Weight:Cost,Weight:Cost, etc..
    # all the above features can configure per Geo Zones

    3) Shipping rates from this courier service is NOT included. You have to ask them or visit their website to get latest rates lists, or you can set your own rates to suit your needs.

    ***rates in demo website is not a real rates, it's just for demo purpose only***

    # Live Demo:
    Demo Store: http://demokedaionline.com
    customer demo login: afendio@gmail.com
    customer demo pass: demo

    Demo Admin: http://demokedaionline.com/admin
    admin demo login: demo
    admin demo pass: demo


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