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Premium Brivium - RM Download Tracker 1.1.1

A very useful tool to check list who has downloaded your file attachments.

    To check list people who download your file attachments or resources, you could use this application - "RM Download Tracker".

    RMDownload Tracker is totally helpful for any administrators or uploaders to
    tracking traces of downloaders. You could follow and know exactly who downloaded what and advertise to them at next time when you have something to be sold out or downloaded.

    - Ability to displays a list of users who loaded resources / resource versions with information about the last downloaded time.
    - Permission to allow users can view resource download tracker.
    - Ability to view the downloaders in the past.


    1. 01_permission.png
    2. 02_permission.png
    3. 03_permission.png
    4. 04_cron_entries.png
    5. 05_user_resource_statistics.png
    6. 06_download_tracker.png
    7. 07_rm_version_tracker.png
    8. 08_resource_download_profile.png
    9. 09_member_card.png
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