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Premium Brivium - Mailchimp Integrate 1.4.2

Keep your XenForo subscribers in Syncing with MailChimp, supports multiple lists and interest groups

    Mailchimp Integrate was born to help you sync all of your contact emails from your forum/site based on XenForo into your Mailchimp automatically.

    To use Mailchimp, users must enter data manually. However, when you login into your forum/site run on XenForo foundation, with Mailchimp Integrate, your email contacts could be synchronized and you do not need to waste time on your contacts any more.

    With Mailchimp Integrate, you could mark for any favorite groups and create and follow your own interesting lists.

    - Ability to add a signup form for your MailChimp list.
    - Ability to force all members as subscribers with rebuild tool.
    - Newsletter’s preferences allow users can change their newsletter subscribe.
    - Mailchimp API log for admin.
    - Supported Mailchimp API 2.0


    1. admin_options.png
    2. mailchimp_log.png
    3. mailchimp_logs.png
    4. mailchimp_preferences.png
    5. rebuild_bulk_import.png
    6. register_form.png

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