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Premium Brivium - Key Code 1.1.4

Getting Key Code by credit via your forum in a modern and active way.

    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Key Code supports to administrator rights to sell/share some serial codes for users/members at a place called "store" on the forum/site. Other users who concern could enter those stores to buy/get these codes to use.

    If you are an administrator, you could add/edit key code categories manually in
    the admin area. Users could order that key code after purchasing and get maximum number of codes that they could get and for per day. We also support the transaction and alert system. Key Code could be a present to give to others.

    - Ability to add/edit keycode categories manually in the admin area.
    - Ability to add/edit gift card codes manually in the admin area.
    - Ability to send email for ordered keycode after purchasing.
    - Ability to set maximum number of code that users can get.
    - Ability to set maximum number of code that users can get per day.
    - Ability to set permission for usergroups for each keycode category.
    - Fully supports Credits' transaction system.
    - Fully supports Credits' alert system.


    1. 01_admin_options.png
    2. 02_create_category.png
    3. 03_list_categories.png
    4. 04_add_codes.png
    5. 05_list_codes.png
    6. 06_keycode_public_view.png
    7. 07_purchase_confirmation.png
    8. 08_list_purchased_code.png
    9. 09_view_detailed_code.png

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