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Opencart Brainy Filter Ultimate OC2 / Most advanced & elegant filter 4.7.2

Brainy Filter Ultimate OC2

    • Premium
    Brainy Filter for OpenCart is a well thought out and excellently made module that allows filtering products by keywords, brands, prices, availability, rating, options and product attributes.

    Brainy Filter looks beautifully and works on different devices. There is a high-grade HTML/CSS code that is easy to adapt to any custom design. The filter has been tested on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. The filter works with responsive themes.


    • Multiple attribute values support (many values can be entered for each attribute).
    • Filtering by keywords, price (taking into account taxes and discounts), manufacturers, options (including images), attributes, stock status, and rating.
    • Different layouts support.
    • Responsive themes support.
    • Ability to change settings separately for each layout and category.
    • Ability to order attribute values.
    • OpenCart filters support.
    • Horizontal template.
    • Filter template colours managing.
    • Automated preparation of filter values and cache tables to increase speed.
    • AJAX requests that don't reload the entire page.
    • Retina friendly front-end templates.
    • Settings to control the way attributes are shown (selectbox, set of checkboxes, radio buttons or a slider).
    • Settings to enable or disable various blocks.
    • Ability to collapse attribute values.
    • Ability to shrink and expand certain amount of attribute values if there are too many.
    • Filter submission options: 1) applying the filter once a user changes any of the filter settings; 2) applying the filter once a user stops changing settings; 3) applying on a button press (fixed or floating button).

    Features that improve OpenCart behaviour:
    • Ability to show products from subcategories in their parent categories.
    • Improved OpenCart’s queries.
    Compatibility :,,,,


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