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Plugin Birthday Greeter 1.4.0

Birthday Greeter

    Birthday greeting system that sends out birthday greetings to your members via personal messages, email and birthday topics when it is a members birthday.
    • Exclude member groups such as Banned and Validating from receiving birthday greetings.
    • Optional customizable birthday greetings via email.
    • Smart quick tags allow you to send out birthday greetings with information such as Board Name, Member's Name and Age.
    • Optional widget that lists the members celebrating their birthday each day.
    • Optional customizable birthday greetings via IPB personal message system.
    • Choose to pin or close new birthday topics created.
    • Option to include all birthday users each day in 1 topic, instead of 1 topic per members birthday.
    • Create optional customizable birthday topics.
    • Create new birthday topics or add replies to a "birthday topic" when there is a members birthday.


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