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Opencart Banners Plus 1.0

Opencart Extension

    • Premium

    With Banners Plus you can display banners in your storefront based on language (a must-have for any multilingual store), specify the sort order you want your banners to appear in OpenCart's slideshow and carousel, and individually enable or disable banner images in a banner group.


    Don't get stuck displaying one banner for every language. Banners are now localized to a specific language so you can better target your customers.

    Show Banners In The Order You Want
    With the addition of 'sort order' banner images can be displayed in exactly the sequence you want whether in the slideshow or carousel modules.

    Enable and Disable Individual Banner Images
    Do you regularly find yourself having to add and remove the same banner images or create entire new groups just for a change to one banner? Now you can enable or disable a specific banner image without effecting any other images in the group. This is a huge time saving feature for anyone who regularly finds themselves having to add and remove the same banner for special sales or seasonal promotions.

    Easy Installation
    Just upload the VQMod script and start editing your banners in Admin!

    OpenCart 1.5.x as specified below
    VQMod 2.1.5 or later (http://vqmod.com)

    Storefront: http://banner-demo.opencarthelp.com
    Admin: http://banner-demo.opencarthelp.com/admin(user/password: demo)

    Forum Thread

    If you have any questions please ask!


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