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Opencart Backend Order System 2.2.8

Backend Order System

    • Premium

    Complete Ordering System for Opencart

    Main Features:

    1) Complete Quote system - create a quote and your customer receives an email with the quote details and a link or button (configurable) which will take them to their customer order information page for this order. There is a Pay Now button which when clicked will load the order details. The customer can then make changes to the order if necessary and proceed to the checkout. Once payment is made, the order is updated accordingly (a new order is not created) and changed from a Quote to an Order.

    2) PayPal Email Link - create an order for your customer, select this payment option and they will be sent an email with the order details and a link or button (configurable) to Pay Now using PayPal. When clicked, they will be taken to the PayPal payment page where they can pay for the order. They never have to visit your site with this option. Once payment is successful, PayPal will return the payment status to your site and the order will be updated accordingly.

    3) Add custom products to the order - they do not need to exist in your product catalog

    4) Supports all default Opencart payment methods, shipping methods, order totals, coupons, vouchers, store credit, reward points

    5) Several order entry custom payment methods - Pending Payment, Cash Payment, Offline Credit Card, PayPal Email Link

    6) And so much more to list here (limited space).

    I have uploaded a bunch of new images showing the latest module look. I am also working on a new manual to highlight the order creation process, quote creation process, settings page options, and more. I hope to have this done in the next week or so. I will include it with the Order Entry distribution files when completed.

    Admin demo at demo1.acfddev.com: Administration
    Username: admin_oc
    Password: admin_oc

    Catalog demo at ACFD Development - Demo 1
    Username: demo@acfddev.com
    Password: password123


    1. 561cef1b8be2d-resize-500x500.jpg
    2. 561cef1daf403-resize-500x500.jpg
    3. 561cef1fe335c-resize-500x500.jpg
    4. 561cef2ab0ff6-resize-500x500.jpg
    5. 561cef2d17273-resize-500x500.jpg
    6. 561cef2f686b3-resize-500x500.jpg
    7. 561cef28a8f77-resize-500x500.jpg
    8. 561cef33e12ee-resize-500x500.jpg
    9. 561cef369d82a-resize-500x500.jpg
    10. 561cef2221d37-resize-500x500.jpg
    11. 561cef2669c4a-resize-500x500.jpg
    12. 561cef3177c2c-resize-500x500.jpg
    13. 561cef2449955-resize-500x500.jpg
    14. 561d1d3bcd01d-resize-500x500.jpg
    15. 561d1d3dc2f6f-resize-500x500.jpg
    16. 561d1d37e7322-resize-500x500.jpg
    17. 561d1d39dde1e-resize-500x500.jpg
    18. 561d1d3638e67-resize-500x500.jpg
    19. 561d1d346752f-resize-500x500.jpg
    20. 561def2e6e426-resize-500x500.jpg
    21. 561def304b155-resize-500x500.jpg
    22. 561def323ce58-resize-500x500.jpg
    23. 561e1c2971a50-resize-500x500.jpg
    24. 561e3d8f6ba9d-resize-500x500.jpg
    25. 561e26490b014-resize-500x500.jpg
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