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Opencart AutoDetect OC2.0 2.3

Automatically Detect Currency and Language

    • Premium
    What is AutoDetect?

    AutoDetect is a cool mod that will make your visitors feel like home. It is a perfect fit for stores with more than one language and currency. Designed to set the store language and currency based on your users current location. Here is how it works: If a customer visits your store from the UK they will view your website in English with GBP as a predefined currency. Same goes for all countries. You can also add URL redirects for an even more tailored experience. Provide your customers a tailored experience.


    ✯ Set Rules for Language - Choose a default language that users view your store if they come from a certain country
    (Example -> Use English when visitors come from: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa)
    ✯ Synchronous and Asynchronous detection
    ✯ Manual redirect with a stripe
    ✯ Set Rules for Currency - Set a default currency for all products for users to experience your store if they come from a certain country
    (Example -> Use USD when visitors come from USA. Use GBP when users come from Great Britain. Use EUR if users come from countries within the European Union)
    ✯ Create Custom Redirects - Redirect users to a certain URL if they come for a selected country.
    ✯ Multistore
    ✯ Multilingual


    Admin Panel DEMO
    Front End DEMO



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