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Opencart Autocomplete Remover - vQmod 2.3

Autocomplete Remover


    This is the original and most complete Autocomplete Remover for your products and categories.

    Do you hate the slow and buggy Autocomplete feature for inputs? If so then this extension is for you. Since version 1.5.5 more of these Autocomplete inputs where added in the Admin for your Products and Categories. This extension removes the Autocomplete inputs and replaces them with selections like they where in previous versions which makes entering in the information much faster and easier. In the Links Tab for your Products this extension removes them for Manufacturer, Categories, Filters, Downloads and Related Products and in the Attribute Tab for the Attributes. In the Data Tab for your Categories this extension removes them for the Parent Category and Filters and in the Featured module for the entry of products.

    * Quick and easy installation with just one vqmod file to upload.
    * For entering Products this removes the Autocomplete for Manufacturer, Categories, Filters, Downloads, Related Products and Attributes.
    * For entering Categories this removes the Autocomplete for Parent Category and Filters.
    * For the Featured module this removes the Autocomplete for entering products.
    * Detailed instructions included in download.
    * Free installation and support.

    Sorry but there is no support for any Joomla installations!

    You must have vQmod installed to use this!

    Download vQmod here: http://www.vqmod.com

    Note: This extension is made for and tested working with the default installation and theme for the Admin. If it is not working with any customizations you have done and want us to make it work with your customizations there will be an extra fee for our time to do it.

    Support will not be given in the Comments below and ANY support questions there will be ignored and deleted. Comments are for pre-sale questions and ratings only! Read extension store policy Here
    For support please contact us at: support@best-byte.com


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