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Opencart Attribute Helper V1.5.1 & vqmod support 1.5.1

Attribute Helper V1.5.1 & vqmod support


    Attribute Helper V1.5 + limits

    Attribute helper will help you to fill the attribute values for each product. Each time you change/insert a product attribute, the system will show you a select with all values stored on the database, so you can write a new value, or select it from the database.

    Also, it will help you to fill all the attributes via an attributes group select when you create a new product.

    See manual for further explanations.

    www.ocmodules.com/download/HOW Attribute Helper Works.pdf

    Fell free to contact with me.

    Version 1.2 [Thanks Marko]

    Fixed issue for big attributes

    Version 1.3 [Thanks Marko]

    sort new added attributes, sort by order in attribute menu (like in frontend) instead of sort by name

    Version 1.4

    Remove a stupid blank space in select attributes.

    Version 1.5

    Fixed small bug on select.

    Version 1.5 + Limits

    added limits to attribute values for big stores

    Added 100% compatibility with OC1.5.2.x

    Version 1.5.1

    Fix small bug
    Added 100% compatibility with OC1.5.3.x
    Added 100% compatibility with OC1.5.4.x

    Compatibility :, 1.5.6,,,,


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