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Opencart Alternative products 6.0

Alternative products


    Module "Alternative products" lists of goods, similar to the current product. The module does not replace the files and does not use VQMOD. Tested on versions of OpenCart,

    Criteria for product output
    1 Availability.
    2 Available 2 criteria: 1) by product (search for all products belonging to the same category as the selected item); 2) by attribute (search for all items that have the same value of the specified attribute as the selected item, such as products having the same collection). If you choose to search by attribute, it is possible to look more and manufacturer
    3 If the module is not displayed on the product page, then this is taken as the first item in the database.
    4 It is possible to edit the name of the module in the admin.

    Priority output:
    1 Proximity at a price to the current item.
    2 The number of sales.
    3 Number of views.
    4 rating.
    5 Number of reviews.
    6 The same manufacturer with the current item.

    Compatibility :


    1. 561cb20f0f397-resize-500x500.jpg
    2. 561e22db82e1f-resize-500x500.jpg
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