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Opencart Advanced Professional Email Template OC 3.0

Responsive HTML Email template

    • Premium
    Compatible OC Versions:
    Responsive HTML Email template - not only will your emails look professional on all desktop computers, it will resize beautifully for viewing on mobile devices!

    The aim of this new extension was to build a configurable email template which can be easily managed by non-technical users while also being flexible enough so technical users can customize to suit every email requirement in OpenCart.

    The Advanced version has taken all the best bits from 'Professional HTML Email Template' & now offers a fully customizable, perfect ‘all round’ email solution for OpenCart.

    Opencart 1.5 Demo

    • 30 default email templates(see demo for full list), added: Product Review, Return, Contact Customer Copy, Insert Customer Notify.
    • Multi store and language.
    • Responsive HTML Email
    • Option for Quick Install with Test Data (shortcodes).
    • Config is everything from 'Professional HTML Email Template' allowing you to customize how the email looks to suit your store branding, all without any coding knowledge.
    • Showcase products advanced option for related products.
    • Easily create your own custom templates such as: Order Status, Return Status, Newsletter
    • You can extend any default template by creating a new template with the same key & more specific options.
    • More complex templates still use old file system with PHP support.
    • The appropriate config is automatically selected based on store/language or you can manually select a custom config you may have created extra.
    • Automatically load language file.
    • Install option to replace language text with real translated text.
    • Test preview email + responsive width options for each template/config.
    • Overwrite Mail Header properties e.g. To, From, replyTo, Cc. Bcc
    • Personalized emails using Shortcodes! These are a simple tags which will allow you personalize OpenCart emails by replacing them with the real customer data once the email gets sent e.g. {$firstname}
    • Fully test your HTML email template before sending it
    • Valid & well-structured code
    • Google Analytics email tracking integrated
    • Minimum graphics elements for fast load email
    • Show extra order details: Product Image, URL, Quantity Remaining, Cart Weight
    • CSS Parser - automatically adds all CSS inline.
    • Sent logs with: 'view in browser' link and last time it was opened(if images enabled).
    Feature request? Let us know your ideas & we might just include them in a future release if it benefits everybody

    Compatibility :,,


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    11. 561d443164080-resize-500x500.jpg
    12. 561e2cf8ccccb-resize-500x500.jpg
    13. 561e2cf544a07-resize-500x500.jpg
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    17. 561e017fb6d99-resize-500x500.jpg
    18. 561e40f2d96f0-resize-500x500.jpg
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    20. 561e01787d5a9-resize-500x500.jpg
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