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Opencart Admin Dashboard, Products, Category Enhancements 1.8.0

Admin Dasboard

    • Open Source
    Admin Enhanced Pro now available (Click Here)

    Please do not post request for support here they will be ignored/deleted!!

    Support email: sbwd4u@gmail.com

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    Admin Dashboard, Products, Category & Filemanager Enhancements

    For OpenCart version 1.5.5x, 1.5.6x & default admin template.

    vQmod required (http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/)
    To install, make sure vQmod is installed, and copy the xml file to /vqmod/xml inside your Opencart installation.

    All Setting can be easely enabled/disabled from the store settings page!


    • Icons in Admin menu
    • Quick links on Dashboard
    • Google analytics on Dashboard

    • Sortable Categories
    • Enabled/disabled Product count on Category list
    • View Products from Category list
    • View Status on Category list
    • View Category in store on Category list
    • Improved layout for adding/edditing Categories
    • Easy enable/disable Categories

    • Ajax edit Products on Product list
    • Category filter on Products list
    • Show Product names when Editing
    • View Product in store on Product list
    • Improved layout for adding/edditing Products
    • Easy enable/disable Products

    • Filemanager remember last folder
    • Filemanager increase upload size
    • Clear all filters (Products list, Category list etc)
    • Highlight table rows
    • Fixed button header (On Products list, Category list, Settings)
    • Tooltips
    • Control panel to change all these settings!