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Opencart ✔SMS Notification,Template & Contact–Android or any Gateway OC 2.0 4.1.0

Send SMS from your Android or using any SMS gateway.

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    The unique OpenCart 2.0 module that lets you send SMS from your Android or using any SMS gateway.

    This module is available also for OC1

    This is the Ultimate SMS module that lets you enhance your OpenCart 2 site with full texting capabilities.


    Supports any gateways: Use your Android phone with your SMS plan (no additional SMS credits) or add your SMS gateway to send bulk SMS. You can change SMS provider as you want. Some tested Gateways are listed below but any gateway will work:


    and much more… See here for setting examples


    Supports Arabic

    Customer notification by SMS:

    ► Notify customers by SMS when you update their orders from Order History page.

    ► You can associate an order status with a custom template.

    ► Notify clients by SMS on new order once they complete the online transaction.

    ► Notify clients or admin by SMS on registration

    SMS templates: Customize the SMS you send to the customer or store owner on checkout by using variable substitution.
    E.g: "Dear {customer_name} thanks for your order…" becomes "Dear John thanks for your order…"

    Available variables:

    Customer Firstname / Lastname / Phone number
    Order ID
    Store url
    Shipping address / method
    Payment address / method

    Phone number rewriting: Your gateway requires international format? You can rewrite number on the fly before sending SMS.

    Phone number filtering by starting digits and phone number length to avoid sending automatic SMS to international numbers.

    Notify store owner for new order: Send a SMS to store owner or any additional phone number when a new order is created using templates.

    ★ Do not send SMS to customer on new order if the order status is one of the checked statuses (like failed statuses)

    Send SMS to all your Opencart contacts:

    - All newsletter subscribers
    - All customers
    - Customers groups
    - Customers with the excellent opencart built-in autocomplete functionality.
    - All affiliates
    - Affiliates (Autocomplete)
    - Products: Send only to customers who have ordered products in the list. (Autocomplete)

    Send SMS to selected orders from order list page


    Send tracking info by SMS:

    Install powertrack module and send tracking code by SMS automatically on order status update.



    ✔ To send SMS using Android instead of gateway, download smshare app for android

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